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High Magick Divine Power Boxes

High Magick Divine Power Boxes are hand made in a ceremonial magick for high magick spells.

  What makes these boxes so special? These wooden boxes are carefully selected, spiritually cleansed, hand designed and ritually empowered to be used in High Magick Spells.
Each High Magick Box kit is created for use with specific deity and divine powers. We make them after you order it and many times your picture is included in designing the box so it is truly unique to you and customized to you and your goal.

  Each High Magick Divine Power Box kit includes a unique beautiful Wooden box decorated exceptionally well, a full size bottle of ceremonially made oil, a parchment paper, power items inside the Box, a 4 X 5.5 Spell Card, and instruction.

  Each box has a unique number, no two box are exactly same and each box is made after you order them so the box and power items inside it are charged for you. Therefore if you want to give it as a gift let us know.

Love High Magick Box Kit $30

Prosperity High Magick Box Kit $35

Health High Magick Box Kit $40

Ultimate Divine Power High Magick Box Kit $45


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We make no claims of magical effects or supernatural powers for any item. In spite of legendary attributes or occult and craft tradition, such items are offered as curios only and beliefs concerning their magical effectiveness are related only for historical interest. CelestialWicca.com takes no responsibility for outcome result of using any of the items sold here. All oils, powders, incenses, herbs and bath salts are for external use. Do not use if you have allergy to oils, powders, incenses, herbs and bath salts. If you have any question on how to use them email us.

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