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Our Astrological oils could incenses power in your rituals, spell casting, add their influences to your life.
$9 each.

ARIES Astrological Oil - Added for rituals, spell casting, Mojo Bags, Voodoo Dolls and charms for those born between (March 20- April 20) positive traits; pioneering spirits, leadership, vitality.

TAURUS Astrological Oil (April 20- May 20) Security, stability and practicality.

Astrological Oil (May 20- June 20) Communication, activity, wittiness and cleverness.

CANCER Astrological Oil (June 20- July 20) Mothering, compassion and intuition.

LEO Astrological Oil (July 20-August 20) Leadership, executive, entertaining and positive thinking.

VIRGO Astrological Oil (August 20- September 20) Analytical ability, discrimination and attention to detail.

LIBRA Astrological Oil- (September 20- October 20) Balance, justice, companionship, peace, charm and beauty.

SCORPIO Astrological Oil- (October 20- November 20) Vitality, vigor, ambition and clairvoyance.

SAGITTARIUS Astrological Oil (November 20- December 20) Activity. Progress, travel minded and education.

CAPRICORN Astrological Oil (December 20- January 20) Analytical, detail skills, responsible.

AQUARIUS Astrological Oil (January 20- February 20) Inventive, progressive, and humanitarian.

PISCES Astrological Oil (February 20- March 20) Intuition. Sensitivity, compassion and healing qualities.


Used to bring out the positive traits of the Planets, $9each

1519 SUN Oil- Wear or anoint candles/Mojo Bags/Voodoo Dolls to attract success, healing, money, creativity.

1520 MOON Oil- To bring a slow & gradual change in your life or business. Also great for protection while traveling. It helps to calm emotions.

1521 MARS Oil- Gives energy, passion, courage, and will power.

1522 MERCURY Oil - Use to bring out talents, skills, concentration, meditation, communication, healing and logic.

1523 JUPITER Oil- For faith, optimism. expansion, improvement of finances.

1524 VENUS Oil- For love, generosity, friendship, charm, beauty and luxuries.

1525 SATURN Oil - Acceptance of duties and responsibilities, gaining success in business and court, also protect possessions.

1526 URANUS Oil - Learning the truth, gives swift sudden changes and luck.

1527 NEPTUNE Oil- Spiritual growth, clairvoyance, dreams, healing (as stress reduction), intuition and calms anger.

1528 PLUTO Oil- Instills transformation, release from bondage, deep concentration and separation from a detrimental situation.


Incense is used frequently by those who wish the bring power while invoking spiritual aids. Astrological incenses of all the zodiac signs are available at Celestial Wicca and they are created to bring out the most positive side of the sign. If casting a spell for someone else, use these incenses to direct spell toward the person or persons you are working on.


Used to bring out the most positive side of the Element or Planetary virtues.

All oils are for external use. Do not use if you have allergy to oils. If you have any question on how to use them email us.

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